Q: What has been your most inspiring session?

Empire: While all of our clients constantly inspire us, we had the opportunity to gift a session to a 5 week old foster child in 2015. We wanted to capture her as a newborn, so that one day she would have the images of herself as sweet baby. We were humbled and moved by her strength and courage at such a young and tender age.


Q: What time of day will our session be held?

Empire: Indoor lifestyle sessions are typically held between 11-2pm (depending on little one's nap schedules), Studio Sessions are offered during the day from 10-2, and we also offer sunset sessions and they begin one hour prior to sunset. Please note that nights and weekends book months in advance. Our goal is to photograph sessions in ideal lighting conditions. We are trained to shoot during both high noon and sunset, and each provide a beautiful appeal. If lighting and weather conditions are not in our favor, we will move your session to the studio or reschedule, as long as your schedule permits.


Q: Where is your Studio?

Empire: Our professional natural light studio is located at a gorgeous and upscale location, The Meadows in Lake St. Louis (21 Meadows Circle Drive, Lake St. Louis, MO, Suite #316)  


Q: When should we schedule our session?

Empire: You should schedule no later than 6-8 weeks prior to needing your product in hand. Sometimes we might have a last minute opening available (depending on the time of year), but please note that our calendar does fill quickly and we are typically booked at least 1-2 months out. Thank you for understanding.


Q: What should we wear?

Empire: After we choose a date and your session is booked, we will work together to come up with a style and vision that is unique and timeless to you. 


Q: What is the turnaround time?

Empire: The editing process typically takes 3-5 weeks. Once your order is placed & paid in full, your products and images will be ready for pick up or delivery 4-6 weeks later, based on the time of year.


Q: What kind of lighting to you use?

Empire: We are trained in natural light photography, and this is where our style flourishes. That being said, we are often up for something out of the box and creative, thus we have special lighting for these opportunities as well :) 


Q: What is one thing we should know when booking Empire?

Empire: We want our work to speak to your heart and leave your family with images that best capture this special time in your life. We know that time is fleeting and you don't get this back. When working with you, we are immersed in the moment and will sometimes choose to photograph a fleeting expression or hug, over technical perfection. Our goal is to have a fun time with your family so that smiles and expressions are genuine, real and less posed. 


Q: Do you offer design services?

Empire: Yes, if you would like an ordering appointment to take place in your home, we are happy to work with you to design your walls with beautiful new artwork of your family. We can also meet before your session to decide which images to specifically shoot for your walls. 


Q: Do you offer digital images?

Empire: Yes, every collection includes a certain amount of high resolution digital images with a print release to a high quality print lab: www.mpix.com. 


Q: Do you offer products?

Empire: Yes, we offer signature canvases, fine art prints and heirloom albums. We also create custom orders, based upon your needs.